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I am a passionate, creative and responsible student in Computer Science. As an Executive Information System Developer, I like to create EIS because they have a real use for enterprises. I also like to develop programs that apply a lot of mathematics for their functionality and complexity.

I am trustworthy and able to take initiative.

I love learning new things and can spend hours working on a project.

I like self-defence sports, they help me focus more. That is why I practiced Krav Maga for two years.

I go hiking one to two times per week. It allows me to breathe fresh air and when I come back, I have new ideas and solutions.

I like Ethical Hacking. At least once a week, I challenge my knowledge in security and network on root-me.org.

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My Skills

Educational Background

2018-2020: DUT Informatique (2-year University diploma in Computer Science), USMB / IUT Annecy – Annecy-le-Vieux, France

2018: French Baccalaureate S (High School diploma specialized in Sciences), independent candidate – France

2017: DEUG de Psychologie (2-year University diploma in Psychology) with honours, Aix-Marseille University – Aix-en-Provence, France

2014: French Baccalaureate L (High School diploma in Literature) with honours, independent candidate – France

My Work Experiences

June 2019-March 2020: Benedetti-Guelpa, Annecy-le-Vieux, France

Creation of an ERP Module, which manages the scheduling and details of construction sites as well as the assignment and availability of staff, equipment and heavy machinery

  • - Developing the back-end of this module in PHP (LARAVEL) and helping with the front-end in JS (VueJS), HTML/CSS (Bootstrap)
  • - Managing of roles and privileges
  • - Team-working

July-August 2013: Milano Pizza – Pizza and Leaflet Delivery Man – Marseille, France

  • - Delivering pizzas on time
  • - Preparing pizza's ingredients

July-August 2012: ATFM – Internship in Carpentry – Marseille, France

  • - Crafting louvered shutters and wooden furnitures
  • - Carrying heavy pieces of wood



Stéphanie BOUCHON

English Teacher, IUT Annecy



Associate Professor, IUT Annecy


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DUT Informatique Student, IUT Annecy